Judging, Panels and Appearances


I’ve worked incredibly hard at building up my skill set both as a competition cosplayer and a judge of competition. Judging competition is my favorite thing to do as a Cosplay Guest at conventions and I love offering my knowledge to evaluate difficulty level, manipulation of materials and overall cleanliness of a cosplay in the judging room. I love to encourage newer cosplayers to compete with their costumes as well as offer feedback after competition to help all contestants grow their knowledge and skills.

Panels and Workshops

I love sharing my cosplay knowledge with conventions through presenting panels and workshops. Here are a few I have offered in the past two years:

  • Embellishments (2-3 Hour Workshop)

  • Corsetry 101 (Also The Making and Wearing of Corsets)

  • Cosplay Competition (Paired with judging the cosplay contest)

  • Streaming Creative on Twitch

  • Cosplay 101

  • Wig Styling Basics (Both Demonstration and Panel format)

  • Dressmaking 101

  • Foundation Garments


I love traveling to new locations for appearances and I prefer to travel with a plus one so I can have a handler to help me with some of my larger costumes. In the past when I travel without a handler I have only been able to wear basic costumes that I can get into on my own.

For appearance requests email me: caseyrenee4@gmail.com

Previous Appearances:

  • Archon St. Louis 2019 (Judging and Panelist)

  • Twitchcon 2019 (Judging)

  • Dragoncon 2029 (Panelist)

  • AnimeFest Dallas 2019 (Appearance, Judging, Workshop and Panelist)

  • Atlanta Comic Con 2019 (Panelist)

  • MomoCon 2019 (Appearance, Workshop, and Panelist)

  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018 (Panelist and Costume Display)

  • Atlanta Comic Con 2018 (Judge and Panelist)

  • Stealthcon 2017 (Appearance, Judging and Panelist)

  • Fantasticon Toledo 2017 (Appearance, Judging and Panelist)


  • Best in Show and Best Needlework Twitchcon 2018 Sakizou

  • 3rd Place Professional Gencon 2018 - Anne Boleyn

  • 2nd Place Professional Gencon 2017- Rococo Belle

  • 1st Place Masterclass Phoenix Comic Con 2016- Rococo Belle

  • Best Technical Indiana Comic Con 2016 - Rococo Belle

  • 2nd Place Stitching Category Grand Rapids Comic Con 2015 - Tauriel

  • Judges Choice Anime Midwest 2015 - Armored Ariel

  • 1st Place Adult Merriville Comic Con 2015- Maleficent

  • Best Prop and 3rd Place Master Class Chi-Fi 2015 - Tauriel

  • 1st Place Film Category Indiana Comic Con 2015 - Tauriel

  • 1st Place Craftsmanship NWI Comic Com 2015 - Tauriel

Brand Relationships

  • A&E Gutermann and Signature Thread

  • Voodoo Ranger

  • OttLite

  • DecoArt Paint

  • TnTCosplay Supply

  • Allstarco Gems