Corset Making Sew-along Part 1

Today we covered sizing, cutting out the pattern, adding seam allowance and cutting out the fabric for our under bust corset. Since we did all this live, I’m going to be very brief in my descriptions.

For sizing, I followed the instructions on the corset pattern and I took off 2 inches and another 2 inches for cinching so that made me a size E on the pattern. The easiest way to start cutting it out is start with page 1 and match the piece with it’s counterpart.


Once I found and cut the bottom piece I made sure to leave the bottom 1/2” or so of the top portion so I could tuck it under and then placed tape over the two pieces once they were lined up.


I repeat this process on all the pieces.

Now time to add seam allowance. Anywhere from 1/2” to 5/8” will work for the seam. I went and grabbed my hem marking tool (set at 5/8”) and my tailors chalk. Starting on my Duck Canvas I pinned all the pieces with enough space in between to add seam allowances.


I marked the edge on both the left and right of the pieces but DO NOT add allowance for the top it is already included in the patter.

Repeat for all the pieces and cut your fabric. I cut my duck canvas on a fold so I could cut both pieces at the same time.

Once duck canvas is cut I cut the pieces out on cotton (my lining) and silk dupioni (my fashion fabric) with the same seam allowances.


For the modesty panel, I marked the two side pieces again on the duck canvas but I unfolded it so I will only have on piece of canvas instead of two.


Then I pinned the duck canvas onto the silk dupioni and cut while on the fold so I would get two pieces.

That’s all for this week. Next week we will interline the fashion fabric, sew the panels together and discuss embellishments for the corset.