Corset Making Sew A long 2019

It’s finally time for my first ever Sew-A-long!

To kick it off we are going to be making an under bust corset using a FREE pattern from Aranea Black she has so much knowledge of sewing, corsetry and patterning and she is sharing her corset pattern FOR FREE!

After a lot of thought and chat with some of my regulars in stream we have decided on doing an under bust corset that can either be worn as a statement piece with a blouse or underneath a dress to give you that cinched waist look.

2018-02-07 10.42.08.jpg

As many of you know I am not new to making corsets, stays, bodies etc. However, this is my first under bust corset which is exciting. With most of my gowns I have not needed an under bust corset but I have a future costume coming up where I would love the option so here we are.

Let’s start with the pattern.

Please download this pattern from Aranea Black’s website. It’s not necessary to print the Letter unless you absolutely want to but it is important to have the pattern printed and your measurements taken by the first session.

Which leads us to our Schedule:

How it’ll work is I will stream the process on each of these days, answer questions that come up on the steps of the process being covered. I won’t be jumping ahead to finishing if we are still cutting out the pattern. At the end of every live stream I will export the VOD and upload it as is to you-tube. Give me 24 hours after each session to upload the video, I will answer the questions via You-Tube as quickly as I can each week and repeat.


Materials (all links are the specific items I am getting):

  • Pattern, which should be downloaded and printed by the first day.

  • 1 yard Duck Canvas

  • 1 yard Fashion Fabric (this can be whatever you want)

  • 1 yard cotton for lining

  • 44 sets of grommets

  • 10 yd 1/4” spiral steel boning

  • heat shrink tubing for boning capping

  • busk (the size will depend on the length of your torso)

  • bias tape 3-5yards, you can make your own if you want.

  • corset lacing

  • embellishments, this could be anything from lace trim to applique, whatever your heart desires but please note that I will not be able to cover every method of applying embellishments so you might need to do some research on the side.


  • sewing machine

  • pressing iron

  • needles for your specific fabric (don’t know what needles you need, Schmetz has an app for that)

  • awl (for the grommets and the busk)

  • grommet pliers

  • boning cutters/metal cutters

  • candle (for capping the boning)

  • pins, scissors, anything else you need when you’re sewing garments.

Please purchase materials ahead of time so that you can participate in the actual sew a long in September. I will be working as hard as I can to answer any and all questions throughout the month.

You can reach me at Instagram or Twitter feel free to invite your friends to make a corset too and hopefully I will be able to make weekly updates here on my blog for those that cannot make catch the Sew A Long live. If this is successful I am more than willing to host another Sew A Long in the future.